Where We Are Now

Where are we now

I had intended to start this website about a year ago. What I wanted to talk about during the pandemic is so different than what I would choose to talk about now. So much has changed. There are a few issues that have stayed consistently the same. There is one in particular though that I would like to address in the here and now. It is the issue of poor medical governance.

Empirically speaking, I believe bad medical governance is at the root of what is wrong with pandemic management. If we change this, we can stop this illness. Most countries appear to be lacking in this area. The world is full of overreaching, lay politicians who have no real medical knowledge.

A friend of mine told me a joke about a while back. A man went to a doctor and asked him when he thought the pandemic would be over. The reply was rather surprising:

“I don’t know. Ask a politician.”

A lot of us deliberate about how we can help to fix the broken system that we are currently residing in. Should we petition? Should we rally? Should we write letters? It is hard to know how to be the most effective. I cannot say with certainty what is the right approach. Maybe all of the above. What I can confidently say though, is that if we would let health professionals who were truly skilled in the area of epidemics and epidemiology be in charge, we would be much better off. These people would be forbidden to have any conflicts of interest in their work while they were serving. They would also have to work as a team and would not be allowed to withhold any information from the public or to enforce media censorship. This is my two cents for the day. There will be more to follow on this topic in the coming weeks.

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