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Welcome to my podcast
Welcome to My Podcast
Welcome Everyone!
Understanding the dark side
Understanding the Dark Side
In this episode, I am joined by Rebbetzin Devorah Eisenbach. This is the first part in a three part series on the dark side.
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Understanding the Dark Side, Part II
In part two, I am joined by Rebbetzin Devora Chana Weiswasser to discuss the nature of the dark side.
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Understanding the Dark Side, Part III
This is the third part of the series. In this episode I meet with Rabbi Poston of Yiboneh.

My Blog Topics


Our Health

So much has changed recently in the world of health. Here I will explore the state of modern health and new ways of looking out our well being.
Hero of the Week Image

Hero of the Week

The blog spot where we talk about special people who are doing extraordinary things amidst these trying times.
Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Here I will explore the metaphysical side of life and its relationship to the current world situation.
Reclaim your mind

Reclaim your Mind

This blog spot talks about interdependence, the art of helping each other, one of the basic reasons we are here.
Ilana Guyer Blogger, Podcaster Educator


Ilana Guyer: Blogger...Podcaster...Educator

Ilana Guyer  was born and raised in Western Canada.

In her early adulthood, she made a transformation from being a secular to an Orthodox Jew. She spent a number of years rotating between living in Toronto and Jerusalem until she finally settled for good in the City of Gold. She has lived here in Jerusalem with her husband for over nine years now.

Before broadcasting and writing, Ilana was involved in other professional pursuits. She worked previously in the field of children’s education, massage therapy, and elder care. In the area of formal education, Ilana earned her undergraduate degree in History and is also a certified massage practitioner.

She is looking forward to embarking on this new journey of podcasting and blogging. Through the medium of words and ideas, she hopes to help shine a light on the critical issues people are facing in todays’ world.

In her spare time, this intrepid Jerusalamite likes to write fiction and poetry.  She has been also working  on a novel for young people for over a decade now. Will she ever finish it? Who knows. For now it remains a mystery.

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